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Welcome to Sprintcars Online
Sprintcars Online is an Australian based website for the Sprintcar enthusiest for all things Sprintcar. Our main aim is to promote online Sprintcar Racing using the rFactor race simulator. We offer links to various Sprintcar sites for real World Sprintcar Racing, Online Sprintcar Racing as well as other Online Racing sites.

Sprintcars Online run several Sprintcar race servers where you can join and race a simulated Sprintcar against real race drivers from various Dirt Oval disciplines and also the Online Racing community. We have racers from real Sprintcars, Wingless Sprintcars, Midgets (Speedcars), Mini Sprints (Lightning Sprints) Compact Speedcars, Sedans, Modifieds and Speedway Bikes etc. We have crew members from the various disciplines, retired competetors, even current and ex State and National Champions racing in our servers, not to mention a large number of the Online Racing community, all from various countries from around the World.

rFactor is a race simulator that is primarily a practice platform for the real race driver. You can download rFactor from our "Downloads" section, you will find the link on the top of this page just below the site logo. rFactor is released by Image Space Incorporated (ISI) and there is a small cost assosiated with the activation of rFactor. None of the cost assosiated with the activation of your rFactor goes to this or any other Sim Racing site. Follow the instructions in our "How To" section to get your rFactor, BOZ Sprints and Tracks installed.

Once you have installed and activated your rFactor you will be able to download the BOZ Sprintcars and as many Tracks as you like for install in to your rFactor....all free of charge. The BOZ Sprintcars, all updates, skin packs and Tracks can be downloaded from our "Downloads" section. All other mods and tracks that we run are also available from our Downloads section. You will be required to download and install the Sprintcars Online rfm to run in all of our Dirt Oval Rooms.

Sprintcars Online run between 6 and 10 servers at any given time with our main server being our quick race server named "SPRINTCARSONLINE.COM Fixed", this room runs fixed set ups so that all competitors are running the same setup. Our setups cater for all racers whether you are using a high end Steering Wheel or a Hand Controller. This room runs 4 minutes practice, 1 minute qualifying, then into the 10 lap race with rolling start. We run between 20 and 70 tracks in our Dirt Oval servers. We also run league rooms which are detailed in the League Race link above.

Sprintcars Online also run servers for SPR USAC Midgets, Late Models, HRC Rally Cars on Pikes Peak and V8 Supercars. Please note that these additional servers are merely for fun and are not taken seriously nor will we be running any type of league racing with these mods although, we may run occasional events with these mods from time to time. The additional servers are in place to give our racers a chance to try something different within the rFactor platform.

You can download Teamspeak from our download section and install so you can talk to your fellow racers. This is also helpfull if you are having trouble installing your rFactor, the BOZ Sprintcar Mod and/or Tracks. Just click on the connections tab, enter our Teamspeak Address -, enter your name and join. You will need a microphone or headset in order to be able to speak to anyone on Teamspeak. Please be warned...we are all adults and mostly Aussies so the language can sometimes be less than pure although by no means out of control. Trouble makers will be first warned then banned from Teamspeak if they persist.

We promote clean and fair racing at Sprintcars Online but we do wish to emphasise that race simulator or is still just a game. With 10 to 26 high powered vehicles running flat out in such a small and slippery space, mistakes are bound to happen. If you do make a mistake or take out a fellow racer, please make an effort to apologise. As with the Teamspeak...trouble makers will be first warned then kicked if they persist, if the deliberate bad behaviour continues we will consider banning. For a clear understanding of the rules in our Teamspeak and Racing Rooms, please read the "Etiquette" page above.

We will be patient with all newcomers and try to help you in anyway possible to get a good grip on this race simulator, Please let us know if you are a newcomer so we can distinguish between someone actually learning and someone in the room simply to cause havoc. We do not recommend newcomers taking part in Wednesday Nights point racing or any other League racing due to the skill required to run in a full room, please take the time to practice in our Fixed Room before running any League events. Our biggest race Nights (Australian Time) are Friday Night (biggest), Saturday Night (moderate during actual speedway season, big in off season), Monday Night and Wednesday Night. On Wednesday we also run points for a 10 race set starting at 8.00pm Australian EST. Our league racing is generally set for Sunday or Monday Nights. There is generally someone racing in our SPRINTCARSONLINE.COM FIXED room 24/7, but if the room is empty just join and people usually will follow.

Join our Teamspeak to chat to your fellow racers and learn about the best ways to set up this great game to suit your budget. We will help you to adjust your settings so that your steering wheels or hand controllers work best for this high powered on the edge virtual motor sport. There are instructions in the "How To" section including some screen dumps to assist you in setting up your wheel or controller.

A Little About Us:
Sprintcars Online is a made up of a group of Speedway, Auto, Bike and Hot Rod enthusiasts and Online Racing enthusiasts. We make no profit what so ever from this website, from our online racing or from anything else displayed on or promoted by this site. The cost of running this website, our Teamspeak Room and our Racing Rooms etc, comes out of our own pockets. It is the racers from our rooms that contribute their time and effort to make all of this possible. There is a donations link at the bottom of this page should you wish to contribute.

A Big Thank You To:
All of the modders at BOZ racing for creating this fantastic Sprintcar Simulator. We love your work so much that it has inspired us to create this site and help to promote the work you have done. We would also like to thank all of the modders responsible for creating the tracks we race on, BOZ, JCR, SPR, Sim Dirt Studios, DWD, Team Dirt Oval, HVR, KDSR, ODC, 3-S, Top 5 etc, we apologise if we have left anyone out. If there is anyone that does not understand why we are so appreciative of the work these Modders do, it is because they do it free of charge, in their own time and for no reason other than passion and admiration for Dirt Oval Motorsport. We would like to thank the creators of rFactor (ISI) for the race simulator platform that makes all of this possible. We would also like to thank anyone whose work, images, logo's, links etc may appear on this site.

Thank You



Sprintcars Online are running a 6 round Sprintcar Winter League starting on the
21-5-2017 , 6 tracks 6 rounds !
Enjoy from all at SCO !
Seeyou online!

Sunday Thunder League every sunday 7.45pm AEST. 

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