Sprintcars Online Etiquette

It is a little unfortunate that a page such as this must exist but due to the fact that everybody is different and that not everybody will see things in the way that we all would expect, we must establish a set of rules (guidelines) to try to keep everybody happy and on the same page so that we can all enjoy this simulated Sprintcar Racing experience.

Admin Etiquette:
Admins MUST enter the Admin password into their quick chat (PLR File) and log in this way so that they do not accidently give the password away - THIS IS COMPULSORY. Admins are NOT to skip a track due merely to them not liking it, the tracks you hate are someone else's favourites. Admins are not to ban anyone unless they are absolutely out of control and must first make sure that the person is not a newcomer simply learning this difficult Race Simulator. If an admin does ban someone, they must inform Face, Dale Grother or Myself (HENDO) ASAP and let us know the reason for the banning. If you are banned and feel it is unjust, please talk to Face, Dale Grother or Myself in Teamspeak to have the issue rectified, or you can email Sprintcars Online through the contact us link in the chat box on the Home Page. We now list all Admins on the Admins link which can be found on the Home Page, if anyone is caught logging in as an Admin and they are not on the Admin list, they risk being banned. Admins are not to give the Admin Password to any person. If Admins do not know how to set up the quick chat loggin, talk to Face, Dale or Myself.

Teamspeak Etiquette:
We would like to see all of the racers in our rooms join Teamspeak for various reasons such as, helping racers to find downloads, installing downloads correctly, finding solutions to mismatches, setting up their PC to run rFactor and the BOZ Sprints, apologies for racing incidents etc. Whilst we would like to see everyone on Teamspeak, it is not compulsory. We would rather race with someone that is not on Teamspeak than not race with them at all. In any type of League racing including Wednesday Night Points Racing, Teamspeak is compulsory. When in practice chat is OK, when we are Qualifying or Racing, there is to be no chat until the Racing has finished, other than breif apologies.

When in Teamspeak please be aware that we do not mind swearing if it is not directed at any individuals. We do not condone outright foul language nor do we accept deliberate singling out of any person for any reason, racism will not be tolerated. We will not allow arguments on Teamspeak, nor any person simply carrying on like an idiot. We have in the past had people join our room simply to cause trouble just for a laugh so that they could post it on YouTube, FaceBook etc. This type of behaviour will not be tolerated and these types of people will be banned for life. Whilst we do not often have juniors in the room, if we do the language, swearing etc is to stop. We do occasionaly have adults with their kids, brothers, sisters etc in the room too, if this is the case please be considerate.

We are a very social bunch of people at Sprintcars Online and don't care what colour you are, where you are from, what sex you are etc, all are welcome in our Teamspeak as long as they are here for the racing, we do not want people using this merely as a free chat room....our Sprintcars Online Teamspeak is for racers only. Please remenber that most of us are doing this simply for fun and to forget about the stresses of life for a little while. These guidlelines are in place for that reason only.

Practice Etiquette:
Please be careful when entering the track and try to exit as quick as you can if you crash. In practice do not worry about the quicker cars coming up behind you, just hold your line and they will find a way past. If you do take out a fellow racer, please make the effort to apologise.

Race Start (Pace Lap) Etiquette:
No stuffing about once the Pace Car starts moving. The pole sitter has control at the starts. The speed whilst following the Pace Car is to be between 35mph (60kph) to 60mph (100kph) which the pole sitter will decide on. Stay in a tight formation on the pace lap and do not pass anyone before the green. No creating a gap in front of you so that you can cross the start line with momentum but still in position in order to take the lead from start as this is cheating. There are different starting points on different tracks, stay in formation and do not go before the green flag drops, this way there should not be any penalties. If you crash on the pace lap we may restart the race, do it again and you must exit as quick as you can so that nobody else gets penalised. Please pay attention and do not miss the starts as we will only allow 1 restart for any person and no more than 2 restarts for any race.

Race Start (First Lap) etiquette:
Whilst we all want a good start...you won't win a race on the first corner, be patient and remember that every person in the race is trying for a good start but more importantly, everyone is trying to complete the whole race not just the first lap. Unfortunately the first lap in any race is where we have the biggest issues.....please be patient and do not drive like you are racing a feild of AI cars, the cars you share the track with are being driven by people who want to race.

Race etiquette:
Our servers are generally quick race and racing is only 10 laps so over very quickly. For this reason there will be no restarts after the second lap. We DO NOT run yellow flags in our Quick Race rooms and some drivers have their in car chat turned off for reasons of distraction, so DO NOT attempt to call a yellow flag in any of our servers. If you crash in a race and land on the track, you must exit as quick as you can so that you do not end anyone else's race. When the leaders approach from behind to lap you, DO NOT GET IN THE WAY, stay high or stay low but do not switch lines when being lapped. We have big problems with some racers about to be lapped, switching from low on the turns to high on the straights, then trying to win back the spot after being lapped. The leaders are racing for position, lapped cars have no chance of catching up in a 10 or 20 lap race, no matter how good they think they are. Anyone can suggest re running a race after the current race has been completed, Admins may generally re run a race if the last one was a good one.

Slide Jobs:
Slide Jobs are a part of Sprintcar Racing whether people like it or not. A slide job is when a car slides up in front of you and deliberately bauks you in order to take your position. When a car does a slide job on you, you do not keep your foot in it only to run in to the rear of that person and take them out....lift then try to win back position if you can. When doing a slide job you must back out of it if you are going to come up short......do not do a slide job if you are going to give the car on your right a taste of your right rear....lift and try again when you catch up. Do not do a slide job on someone if you are going to give them no time to back out of it once you appear in front of them.

Cornering Lines:
If you enter a corner high then switch to low in mid corner, you are likely to take out the cars on the low line as they cannot see you switching from high to low so be careful. If you drive down the straight on the bottom of the race track then try to turn in to the corner from the bottom there is a good chance you will cross the race track and end up high on the turn. It is likely that you will take out anyone on your right due to them not seeing you until it is too late so be careful. If these types of moves result in crashes you need to accept fault and apologise. It is the less experienced racers that drive these types of lines, if you are having trouble watch the more experienced drivers and more importantly, listen to their throttle input. All cars whether running high or low will end up high on the straights. If you are running low on the corners trying to get under someone, remember to give them room on the straights until you know you are clear. If you are running high and trying to go around someone on the bottom, remember to give them room on the striaght as they come off the turns, you may need to lift and pass them on the left.

When trying to pass, be patient. Do not drive through or pass a car like it is not there just because you have found some bite. No matter how fast you are, you do not have the right to knock someone out of the way just because you are quicker. When passing a car for position you must be patient even if it means backing off a little.

Wall Riding:
There are people that will place their car against the wall and just throttle it. THERE IS NO SKILL INVOLVED IN DOING THIS - THIS TYPE OF BEHAVIOUR IS CHEATING. Everyone will hit the wall from time to time as we all go for that damp patch or cusion that is almost on the wall. Driving against the wall like you are on a slotcar track is not acceptable, offenders will be first warned then kicked and even banned if they persist. Wall riders will have their quick time removed from our website, the times displayed on our statistics pages are to be legitimate times only.

Drivers trying to get even:
We have witnessed some racers trying for several races following an incident trying to get even....even after apologies were made for the incident. Do not do this...please let it go. We will not ban for this behaviour if it is a one off but if you persist, we will not hesitate.

It may appear that we are a little ban happy after reading the above etiquette. Regardless of how this reads, we are not ban happy. The fact is, very few people have ever been banned from our servers. Nobody will be banned unless they are absolutely out of control.

What is a good race?:
A good race is when everyone gets off to a good start, there is plenty of dicing for position and most cars finish. Some of the best races I have had I have not even placed in the top 3, I have both passed and been passed constantly, tried my hardest and managed to complete the whole race without incident.....an awesome race.

Finishing a mile out in front and driving around all by yourself is no fun, actually racing someone is what makes this fun. It does not matter how fast, slow or experienced you are, your level of experience will put you with people of similar experience...this is what makes this fun and how we all learn to be quicker. Lose a postion, take it back, lose it again, and take it back again etc, when this happens without anyone being taken out, you will have fun....these are the races you will remember.

Thank You


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