Downloading and installing rFactor, the BOZ Sprintcars and 100+ Dirt Ovals

Follow these directions to download and install rFactor, the BOZ Sprintcars and more than 100 Dirt Ovals. Ensure you read the following instructions and follow the steps. Do not skip steps or install in any order other than what is specified below.  If you have tried to install rFactor previously but were unsuccessfull, go in to your Program Files (X86 for Win7) and delete any old copies of rFactor PRIOR to installing the following.             (Just look for anything called rFactor and delete).

Download rFactor from this link:

Install rFactor. Simply click on the icon, follow the prompts and install. The game should automatically install itself into your Program Files for XP or Program Files x86 for Windows 7. When you get the option to install a shortcut on you Desktop, sellect OK. When the install is nearly complete you will get a pop up asking to install DX9, click YES. Sorry, I cannot help with Vista or its little brother, Windows 8.

Trial your rFactor via the shortcut on your Desktop and ensure it works. You will need to create a profile for yourself in order to test the game, this is done right at the start as you will immediately be directed to do so. You will then need to go in to the in-game settings and asign your game controller, wheel etc (Throttle, Brake, Steering, Gear Up/Gear Down etc).  Trial by testing on track (road car on tarmac circuit is the only option at this stage).
VERY IMPORTANT - Do not attempt to install any Mods in to your rFactor at this stage.
Whilst trialling, do not judge the game by what you see in the basic install, the base install is merely a platform for Mod Installs.

Activate (pay) your rFactor. Your trial lasts 60 minutes only (in game) and you CAN NOT install and try any Mods until you have done this. New Mods will install but the game will no longer open as Mod installations will immediately end the trial period . The cost for activation of your rFactor is approximately $50.00 Australian, the best way to pay is with a credit card. This payment has nothing to do with Sprintcars Online and goes directly to the makers of rFactor.  This is a one of payment and lasts for life, there are no further costs. Once activated you have the ability to download and install literally hundreds of Mods and thousands of Tracks from every 4 wheeled Motorsport discipline, all free of charge.

Important Note:
From this point on, as you install the following Mod and Tracks, you will receive pop ups from Windows telling you that files already exist. When this happens, do the following:
XP: click "Yes to All".
Win 7: "Merge", whenever it is an option (Usually Folders), then "Replace", whenever it is an option (Usually Files).
Write the above down so that you can refer to it during the installs.

Download the BOZ SCO 2015 Sprintcar Mod from this link:

Install BOZ Sprints. Simply click on the icon, follow the prompts and install. The Mod will automatically install itself in your rFactor which should be located in your Program Files (x86 for Win7). This Mod comes with 1 dirt oval (SCL Ascot) so you can try the Sprintcars whilst downloading the following Dirt Track Packs.

Download Locations Track Pack 1 -5 from the links below:


Install Dirt Track Pack 1-5. Simply click on the icon, follow the prompts and install. The Track Pack will automatically install in to your rFactor which should be located in your Program Files (x86 for Win7).

We recommend that before doing any of this, you download and install Teamspeak. This way you can talk to FACE, Dale, Danny Watson or Myself (HENDO), to ensure you install all of the above correctly. If you do have issues with getting the game to work, we can talk you through it. You will need a microphone or headset to talk to us on Teamspeak. After installation, simply click on the Teamspeak Box on our Sprintcars Online Home Page to join and talk.

Download Teamspeak from the link below:

Last Note:
Before doing dirt oval laps offline whilst waiting for the Track Pack Downloads to complete, go in to your in-game settings/difficulty and turn off everything except auto clutch.

If you follow the instructions set out above, you should not have any issues but you must do it in the specified order.....Good Luck.

Thank You

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